Legal advice and assistance

We offer professional legal advice and assistance to entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy, including but not limited to design, construction, retail and wholesale trade, service provision, contracting, transport, agriculture, animal husbandry, insurance, commercial banks, non-banking financial organizations, securities dealings, IT, alternative energy, investments and international financial funds, etc.

Both consulting services and assistance or representation offered to our clients covers all branches of law – civil, business/commercial, employment, administrative, criminal, land, transport, intellectual property, international etc. – regarding various situations and problems and with different degree of difficulty and complexity.

We are at disposal of our clients and are ready to give advice on any issue or need, either verbally or through written reports or notices, and we are available to assist and represent them during the negotiation of contracts, before a notary public, in relations with public authorities and law enforcement agencies, in the administrative control procedures (tax, customs, post-clearance, Working Environment Authority, etc.), court proceedings, searches, inventory and any other procedures and operations, which may give rise to liabilities or may affect the rights and legitimate interests of clients.