About Us


CASA TOMUŞOR is a company providing legal and accounting services to the community of successful entrepreneurs both in the country and abroad. We are looking to work with entrepreneurs who want to run their business safely and develop it continuously, achieving remarkable performance. We are not ready or interested in working with those who opt for “it will do as it is” or “money is the key to everything in Moldova”.


The company name reflects the importance of the values that guide the company activity, starting from the terms used – “CASA” (means “home/house” in Romanian) – the place where we feel safe and “TOMUŞOR” – from the name of the late Toma Ţepordei (from Ţepordei), grandfather of the company founders, who was affectionately called “Tomuşor” by his fellows for his dedication to what he did and his goodness. The company actively promotes these values by its activities, as well as by supporting the social activities of the FUTURE Academy, a nonprofit organization.


We have a team of energetic and ambitious employees, who continuously improve their professional skills and knowledge, and this fact has contributed to our excellent results and solid partnerships with nationally and internationally renowned companies from various sectors of the economy, including but not limited to design, construction, trade, service provision, contracting, transport, agriculture, animal husbandry, insurance, non-banking financial organizations, securities dealings, IT, alternative energy, investments and international financial funds. The complexity and difficulty of the assigned tasks is “the specialty of the house” (we like “impossible” missions).


The company’s slogan is “Safety in Business” and it is what we aim to give to our clients through the activities performed. We are dedicated to what we do and focus on long-lasting partnerships with a prominent impact on our clients’ business.


Our vision is to become a true promoter of authentic values and of development of all our beneficiaries: clients, partners, public authorities, community and last but not least, our own team, as well as to effectively protect their rights and legitimate interests by guaranteeing them safety.


We share such values as:

Integrity and Fidelity

We are honest, open and always do the right thing. We maintain an open mind in every interaction. We keep our word and react to behaviors lacking ethics and professionalism. We work not for the clients but together with them to protect effectively their rights and legitimate interests. We do not say about our colleagues, partners or clients some things, which we would not say to their face. We are faithful to our values and to our clients.


Learning and Improving

We are eager to learn new things and we learn fast and continually. We admit our mistakes and learn from our experience. We share knowledge, good practice and innovation. We remain open to changes and adopt them in a way that encourages cooperation and adaptability. Professional and personal training is a priority and a commitment for us.


Respect and Quality

We respect each other, recognize our capacities, value, and the fact that we can influence things for the better. We treat others so as we want others to treat us. We accept those who are different from us but have a good character (personal integrity). We appreciate the diversity of ideas, opinions and experiences. We respect privacy of our teammates and the opinion of our fellow opponents. We demonstrate fair play, tolerance and support in working relationships. We provide services that meet the needs and demands of our clients, exceeding their expectations.


Passion, Performance and Drive for Results

We like what we do and we are eager to help our clients succeed. We are a source of inspiration for others. We like challenges and go beyond our limits. We are proud to work at CASA TOMUŞOR, surrounded by people who think the same way we do, love what they do and we inspire people around us giving them the feeling of passion, involvement and safety. We believe in the power to do things together and aim for excellence and performance. We do only what brings results.


Cooperation and Involvement

We appreciate the diversity of opinions, regardless of hierarchies. We listen to others, we communicate in a clear and precise manner. When we have contradictory opinions with someone, we bring solid arguments and consider the essence of the problem. We do not condemn the mistake, but we consider it a mistake not to offer or ask for help whenever necessary. We give others support on our own initiative and we are actively involved. Engaging in activities of protecting public interests, socially vulnerable groups and young people, as well as promoting authentic values ​​and the “Rule of Law” is a challenge for our team.


Perception and Responsibility

We try to have fewer restrictive rules, more principles and to be reasonable. We evaluate situations objectively and pinpoint the problem. We are able to make decisions even when the situation seems unclear. We apply the rule of common sense above all else. We have the courage to change the direction when the situation demands it and we go to the source of the problem. The problems of our clients become our problems, and we exert every effort and diligence to identify and apply optimal solutions.


Simplicity and Fairness

In relationships with our clients, we adhere to simplicity and comfort. We are very careful about how we perform our tasks. We are constantly trying to reduce complexity and to simplify things. We work efficiently and do not waste resources. We do not recognize differentiation based on the social status, wealth, values, or complexity of the problem, and we treat our clients fairly.


The company has the mission to provide high-quality legal services by using the most effective and innovative legal instruments so that the clients consider us to be a long-term trustworthy partner that supports their growth and protects their investment.