CASA TOMUȘOR – Care of your business

Casa Tomuşor makes public the current problems and challenges and addresses them in legal terms,

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having a fair and professional position of a company specialized in this field. Published articles may refer to proposed legislative changes, existing social and economic issues, noticeable judicial precedents, and other issues of social interest.


We offer professional legal advice and assistance to entrepreneurs in various sectors of the economy, on any issue or need, both in verbal form and as written reports or notices.


We strive to give our clients safety and comfort, so we make every effort to reduce their involvement in the litigations, we are commissioned to solve, giving them the opportunity to focus on the economic activities they carry out.


In order to ensure the recovery of debts owed to clients, we use effective, already verified methods, which involve protection and restoring of violated rights by recovering the debt cost-effectively and in the shortest time possible.


We ensure the analysis and execution of documents specific to the clients’ economic activities. We carry out a detailed analysis of the content of legal documents, both for compliance with applicable legal provisions and for ensuring effective legal protection.


We provide a full set of services of consulting, assistance and representation

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of entrepreneurs in the process of obtaining licenses and/or authorizations necessary for their operation at all stages.


By improving economic activities and minimizing entrepreneurs’ costs, we aim to instill confidence in their businesses and ensure continued growth. We regularly come up with proposals and recommendations regarding the specifics of economic activities carried out, existing legal possibilities and progress indicators that can be achieved by implementing such measures (lower expenditures, greater revenue, protection against imposition of some sanctions, etc.).


We provide assistance to

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our clients both for checking and elaborating documents and for obtaining funding for business development projects, ensuring legal protection against the risks of deprivation of rights, as well as economic risks and consequences of each project for the client’s activities.


We provide our clients accounting and financial services, taking into consideration legal requirements and the latest standards and innovations in this sphere. We support the entrepreneurs with services, which would ensure economic predictability, correlation between income and expenditures and proper implementation of all accounting operations.


Casa Tomușor brings to public attention and approaches from a legal point of view problems and challenges of topical interest, being a professional and equidistant company in the legal field. Articles published here may refer to new legal changes, current socio-economic issues, significant judicial precedents, as well as other issues of social interest.